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Sara Ann Fenwick

Key Interest: Giving of her personal self and time to help others.

Words to live by: “Change your view and you will change your life.”

This is not just something to say to get by in life, it is a paradigm! It is a way of thinking and a way of doing because it extends through life itself.

I am one of the founders of FenMark and I wanted to bring stories to the internet world community, through the medium of Webcasting, that you just don't get to hear about very often. To this end, I will seek out people in various walks of life, industries, careers And Everything Else... I want those individuals to tell their stories, have a voice and shout out to the world "Hay I'm Here!"

I have been involved with minority groups for the last 15 years. I have been in leadership positions and multiple times as president of 2 organizations dedicated to providing a safe and secure place for minority groups in the greater Chicago land area.

I grew up in the Midwest right here in Northern Illinois and have loved it all my life. I love to invent new and different things. A friend of mine, Laura, says, "When it comes to Sara, I have not met anyone who displays more Thinking Out Side of The Box in order to accomplish her objectives and reach her goals." Well, I guess that's just me.

FenMark and FenMark Media is another case of my Thinking Out Side of The Box. How can I reach people and make a difference; that's the ticket. Take for example my "Key Interest" as stated in the opening of this piece, what loftier goal than to help others is there?

My contact information is: Sara Ann Fenwick
Phone: 773.682.3560