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FenMark provides professional digital media solutions. Offerings are video, ad, promotional and voice over production plus website design and maintenance. FenMark's webcasting division, FenMark Media, offers audio and visual webcasting, webcast streaming, video and audio editing as well as remote live broadcasting from almost any venue anywhere.

The key feature of FenMark is our professional, personable and individual approach. We apply skill, dedication and commitment to every Client - You will find this philosophy is fundamental in all that we do. We work to achieve the optimum outcome for each Client and guarantee you a level of service that not only achieves amazing results, but also ensures that you will have great satisfaction in the end product.

Our Services Include:

Latest Updates

Booked launched July 8th at 8 PM (EST). New episodes of Booked air weekly on Mondays from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EST).

Booked is the brainchild of Evelyn Eman Delmar and is recorded at FenMark's studio. This internet webcast program interviews authors and reviews selected recently released books.

It is a lively and entertaining half hour about authors and their books.

Visit Booked website Bookedwebcast.com.

Up for some humorous laughter, click on Watch Crazy Stupid Mower and Tree.

low cost Chicago radio webcast       Having Your Very Own Show

For little cost, you too could be streaming out your show on the internet from our studio. Go from concept to broadcasting in a very short time.

Whatever your interests are, express them through the media of internet webcasting in order to reach viewers worldwide. Read more... click on the graphic.

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Advertising, Promotional

At FenMark we create eye attention-grabbing ads and promotional pieces with our ability to combine live video, graphics, voice overs and music. Combining the most current professional software packages and the brightest talent produces amazing cutting-edge results. We produce Ads, Promotional Spots, Public Relations and Educational Videos as well as Instructional Videos. Whether your need is for large or small project, FenMark produces results. Read more... click on the graphic.

website design       Website & Blog Creation

FenMark has the right combination of talent your website or Blog is calling for. Whether revamping or pumping up your existing site, taking over maintenance or starting from scratch, FenMark is your best choice. Read more... click on the graphic.

top best radio video webcast    Webcasting Pre-Recorded Shows

FenMark Media has the ability to broadcast your pre-recorded videos. This gives you the ability to record your event and broadcast the recording, either raw or have FenMark Media edit the video to maximize the end user's viewing experience. Read more... click on the graphic.

podcasting       Podcasting

FenMark Media provides a podcast version of the aired shows. We take the full video and extract just the audio into an MP3 format. In this way, almost any handheld podcast-capable device with internet access may play the broadcast. Read more... click on the graphic.

low cost Chicago video webcast       Remote Live Venu Webcasting

We have all the facilities necessary to set up a studio at almost any venue. Whether it's a live broadcast or producing a recording to be broadcast at a later date, we have done it all.
The keys to FenMark Media's success are having our own mobile internet hotspot providing 4G uploading speeds (not a fixed hotspot like your local coffee house, but one that travels with FenMark Media) plus our close coordination between you and the venue management.
Read more... click on the graphic.

Chicago video webcast       Webcast learning for the Host

FenMark Media has put together training sessions to help you to successfully host a webcast show. Learn how to maintain the flow of a show, know when to take control and, more importantly, when to sit back and let your guest talk. Read more... click on the graphic.

low cost Chicago radio webcast low cost Chicago video webcast       Archiving of Aired Shows

In addition to streaming, FenMark Media records the live broadcast to a local hard disk, then uploads the show to FenMark's website. An individual web page is created for each client and dedicated to the storage of past recorded shows. Users entering the FenMark Media website can easily navigate to the Archives page of any show. From there, all archived shows are organized by date with thumbnails listing the aired date, guests and the topic of the show. Just click on the thumbnail and the archived show begins to play.
Read more... click on the graphic.

low cost Chicago radio webcast  low cost Chicago video webcast       Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FenMark and FenMark Media?
A:  FenMark is the parent company that owns FenMark Media. FenMark focuses on customers requiring new website designs, giving older websites updates & functionality and website maintenance. In addition, FenMark produces ads and promotional pieces for advertisers to use either on webcasts or on websites. FenMark Media is the broadcast division and focuses on radio and video webcasting, podcasting, remote location broadcasting and archiving of broadcasts. If it has to do with broadcasting, then FenMark Media handles it. Read more... click on the graphic.

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